Invitations from a Prophet: Chalee Atwater

Chalee & her family

In General Conference last April, we were asked by our sweet Prophet to ignite spiritual momentum.  He gently reminded us that we have never needed it more than we do now. Since studying the topic, I've had the image of a bonfire in my head.  You can build a fire as tall as you want. But if not fed every so often, it will die out.  Our spirituality is much the same.  To keep spiritually fit and testimonies strong, we need to be feeding our spirits every day.  A fire needs 3 things to keep burning; heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Keep our spiritual bonfire burning

A few things can help keep our spiritual fire burning as well; obedience, love, humility, service, and gratitude. During his address, the Prophet gave us 5 things we can do to ignite (and keep) spiritual momentum.

  1.     Get on the covenant path and stay there.  Pretty straight forward.
  2.     Daily repentance.
  3.     Learn about God. Try to KNOW him.
  4.     Seek and expect miracles. Our Heavenly Father is waiting in the wings to help us move mountains.
  5.     End conflict in your personal life. Forgive and seek forgiveness.  In my very favorite part of the talk he says, "If we can forgive men for their tresspasses, God will forgive us." How powerful.

The days are long, there is a lot to be done. Trust me, I have 4 boys and our life seems so crazy right now. But if we just give a small part of our day to Heavenly Father, He will bless us in return. Feed your fire daily, and it will burn bright forever. 


By Chalee Atwater, Kennington Ward

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