Invitations from a prophet: Mary Bishop

Mary Bishop & her family

I try to work on my spiritual momentum in the morning before my day gets too busy. I try to start with some study time in Come Follow Me. I read scripture or listen to several podcasts throughout the week to get different perspectives on each week’s topic. I serve in the primary, so I don’t get to attend any classes on Sundays. I  enjoy the interaction and discussion that a podcast offers. I try to find ways to incorporate what I’m learning in my week. I also try to pray each day for inspiration on how I can help someone else. Sometimes that prayer is answered immediately by helping me think of a friend that is lonely and needs a friendly text or an invitation out to lunch. Sometimes I feel inspired to drop by and visit someone and once in awhile I get a random text just asking me for some advice and some encouragement. However that prayer gets answered I feel good knowing that I can be an instrument for the Lord and also keep my temple covenants by serving others.  I’m not perfect at any of this and I’m sure the spirit is trying to reach me some days when I’m too busy to listen, but when I take time to be Holy, the Lord will use me when I’m willing to slow down long enough to listen and follow through.

It’s a pleasure to be a member of Christ’s church and be His disciple.

by Mary Bishop, Pheasant Place Ward

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