Seen by Christ: Chari Swensen


Chari Swensen, Roberts Farms Ward
Sadly, I don't have a picture of me with my favorite picture of Christ, but this one has been my strength over the last few years. When my son came home from his mission with health concerns, initially I felt like my son had been forgotten by our Savior. It was hard to watch him struggle and not know how to help him. He had received blessings of healing but it didn't seem to be coming. We were in the heart of a storm we couldn't control, but then the peace came. Nothing was solved, he still struggles with many things, but I know that in that storm, the Lord brought us peace and continues to bless us and reach out His hand as we reach for Him. Elder Holland offered these words of comfort that let me know I am seen.
"I offer you my apostolic promise that they (prayers) are heard and they are answered, though perhaps not at the time or in the way we wanted. But they are always answered at the time and in the way an omniscient and eternally compassionate parent should answer them."

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