Seen by Christ: Deija Peterson


Deija Peterson, Roberts Farms Ward
I love this scripture “come unto me, that ye might feel and see” I have had so many amazing experiences where I have felt seen by Jesus Christ. Some very personal. Some that I’ve shared.
When our youngest was going through some hard challenges and I was feeling deflated I had an impression to start recording the tender mercies I saw each day.
Some days the tender mercies “things I could feel and see” took me time to recognize, and I would really have to stretch myself to find something good on those hard days.
With practice I was able to more easily recognize a tender mercy each day. Before long I was focusing more on the positive than the negative and could quickly come up with many tender mercies each day.
The challenge with my little one didn’t go away, but it became easier to bear once I was able to feel and see the Savior in my life through these tender mercies.
I feel seen when my ministering sister texts me the morning of a test to wish me luck. I feel seen when a neighbor leaves a new Dr Pepper flavor on the porch for me to try. I feel seen when I’m sick and a meal for my family is dropped off. I feel seen when someone is speaking in Sacrament and I receive the answer to a prayer. I feel seen in each wave, smile, or kind word someone says to me. I feel seen when I watch the birds enjoy the birdseed I put on the deck, when I see a beautiful sunset, or listen to a quaking aspens leaves quake in the wind.
I feel seen by the Savior and recognize the Lords hand in every big and little detail of my life.

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