Seen by Christ: Kathy Vuki


Kathy Vuki, 37th Ward
Hi Sisters,
My name is Kathy Vuki. Our family has lived in the 37th Ward for 19 years. My husband, Mosa, and I have three young adult sons that we love more than life! I currently serve as a teacher in the Relief Society.
I love our women's conference theme and have been asked to share how I feel seen by Christ. To me, to be seen is to be understood and accepted right where I am. I bear witness that I know my Savior sees and understands me every single day, and I often feel affirmations of his unconditional love for me, even when my meager efforts to draw closer to him fall short. I marvel at just how much he and our Father in Heaven are in the details of my life and the lives of my family!
This painting of Christ on the shores of the sea of Galilee is called "Be Still My Soul" and hangs in our living room wall. My husband is from the islands and we spent a few years in the beginning of our marriage living in Hawaii and Tonga. I learned a lot about the ocean, its currents, its tides, and its beauty and power during the may hours we spent on its beaches and enjoying its beauty. However, amid the beauty and fun of playing in ocean waters, you have to be aware of the waters to stay safe. Sometimes, there are powerful and treacherous waves that can knock you down. There are rip currents that carry you further out to sea and make you feel like you're going to drown. In the same way, life is beautiful, but there are waves of trials and struggles that can make you feel like you're going under. There are currents strong enough to pull us away if we are not vigilant and wary. This painting reminds me that Christ is there to calm the waves and storms, that he walks those sandy beaches with us (think "footprints" poem) and if he can't calm all the crashing waves, he can calm us, and carry us, and bring us the peace that helps life be happy and beautiful, even as the storms around us rage."

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