Seen by Christ: Kim Sellers Copenhaver

Kim Sellers Copenhaver, Greenbriar Ward
At the young age of 15, I lost three of my brothers in a car accident… This changed my life entirely. I was the 4th of six kids. I now have one older brother and a little sister. My whole world was turned upside down. I have never prayed so hard, or have been uplifted by the spirit more than through this trial. At a young age I gained a firm testimony of the church. It gave me peace and hope that through the ordinances of the temple we will be together again as an eternal family.
When I turned 16 I got my patriarchal blessing. My blessing specifically talks about my wedding day. It says that I would have additional revelation in the temple and leave with thankfulness for my Heavenly Father.
Now that you know some of my story I want to share an experience where I felt seen by Jesus Christ.
I met my cute hubby when I was 21. We got engaged and as we were getting ready for our wedding day- I started to have this overwhelming feeling come over me, I was so devastated… I didn’t want my brothers to miss such a huge life event . I was so sad. I cried a lot as it got closer. I’m sure anyone who has lost someone has felt this. It’s hard when life moves forward and your loved ones aren’t there. I remember on my wedding day signing my marriage license before our temple sealing , my hands were trembling. I MISSED THEM! I wanted them there more than anything.
As I was walking down the hall in the temple, we started to approach the sealing room. I have a very large extended family. So with family and friends we had over invited to our sealing. People were standing anywhere there was room. It was PACKED! As I walked in with my mom, I stopped to give my dad a hug. My sweet dad whispered to me , “ They are Here!!! Look! “ I looked over at the front row of a packed room- there were three open seats. I started to cry. My bishops wife who was a friend of the family said before the sealing started. “The boys are here! “ The spirit was soooo very strong. Everyone was crying. It was then I knew Jesus knew me and exactly what I needed. He knew my heart. And I was so very thankful to have that experience and to have my brothers at my sealing.

I love this picture. It just stands out to me. I think because in life we can feel like we are drowning. Whether it is in laundry, house cleaning, or life’s trials - he is there. To help pull you out.

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