Walk with Him: Meredith Hall


How do you walk with HIM?

I had no idea when I became a wife, mother, and recently a working woman, how hard it would be for me to find time to walk with Christ. I had no idea how exhausting mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually it would be for me. The basic little things like prayer, reading scriptures, going to church, and visiting the temple which used to be so easy and delightful to do when I was younger and had less responsibilities are now things that require so much more from me. I have to make a consistent and frankly stubborn effort to try to do those little things that help me remember Him and feel closer to Him because I know they make all the difference whether I feel it at the time or not.
Though a lot of times I’m struggling to stay awake to read scriptures or pray, or have to reschedule my temple appointment for the 4th time, I know He blesses me for my small, meager attempts to try to find Him and learn to walk with Him.

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