Walk with Him: Nicole Reschke


How do you walk with HIM?

I walk with Christ by trying to see and love others the way He does. This means working on withholding judgment, extending kindness and service to others, and being more patient than I naturally am. This also means trying to be forgiving of others’ shortcomings (as well as my own) as I extend Christ’s grace to those around me.
As I continue to take steps to do this (even when it’s really hard!), I’ve found more happiness and love in my life and in my relationships with my kids, husband, other family members, friends, and even strangers. And when I inevitably fall short of these goals, I try to extend myself Christ’s grace, love, and patience as well. It’s a lifelong journey to walk with Christ and learn to love like He does, but I know He will support me as I keep trying and doing my best.

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