Walk with Him: Ambie Bullock


How do you walk with HIM?

I walk with Christ as I try to show others around me Christ-like love, patients, and service. I like to try to think about how Jesus would treat other people, and then try my best to show others his love for them, through my actions and service. Sometimes this can be hard to do, none of us are perfect, but our Heavenly Father and Savior love us so much and always give us grace through our saviors atonement as we are trying our best to be more Christ-like and walk with him. I am so grateful for this great gift we have of the atonement in our lives. Jesus Christ is the perfect example to us of love, service, and patients, and I am so grateful for his example to me and for all the love, help, and patience he gives to me and each of us every day. I can feel him walking with me as I strive to be more patient and loving, and as I strive to serve others as he did and does every day.

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