Testimony: Follow the Spirit Courageously in All Things

by Natalie Hackett
It is difficult for me to put into words the feelings I have as I read Daughters in My Kingdom. I am amazed by the examples of great women who have sacrificed so much for the benefit of others. I am uplifted by the words of prophets and general Relief Society presidents who have such great wisdom and understanding of the role of women on the earth and in the Church. As I read their words, I feel the love of my Heavenly Father and the Spirit confirming to me the truth of the things I read. I am encouraged to be better, and it is easier to see myself as my Heavenly Father sees me. There is so much in the world that is designed to bring women down. This book is designed to strengthen us and uplift us. But more importantly, it teaches that Relief Society is designed to strengthen and uplift us.

This book repeats over and over the purposes of Relief Society: To increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seek out and help those in need. What a wonderful blessing Relief Society is in a world that teaches us to value only ourselves and the things we want. As we strengthen ourselves and families and learn to help others, we find the greatest happiness. I know Heavenly Father blesses us with peace as we do what is right. When we focus on Him instead of ourselves, we find joy.

I love the line from the book, “The small and simple things [the sisters] accomplish will help them see how the Lord is strengthening them and guiding their lives.” I have a strong testimony that the Lord teaches us line upon line. I have found in my life that the things I do each day help me draw nearer to the Lord and allow me to resist temptation. I recognize that my testimony grows stronger over time in different areas of the gospel depending on what I am studying or the trials I am having. I am grateful that I am starting to recognize that the Lord is teaching me things little by little and that His hand is in my life. This quote shows me that it is by the small and simple things like prayer and scripture study that I am being strengthened, even if I don’t see the blessings right away.

This book reminds us to be led by the Spirit in all we do. It teaches that we are all blessed with spiritual gifts and gives us examples of those who used these gifts. I love Sister Beck’s reminder that “The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life.” This is a skill that I am working toward.

One of my favorite thoughts is from Sister Camilla Kimball, who said, “I have tried not to suppress any inclination to generous word or deed.” What an important example of charity! I would love to follow her example by acting on the thoughts I have to help others. Sometimes I suppress those thoughts in the busyness of life or in my own self-doubt. I need to learn to follow the Spirit courageously in all things.

I love Chapter 9 in this book, titled “Guardians of the Hearth.” This chapter emphasizes the important role of women in the home. I love that in the Church we are reminded of the value of staying home with our children and of raising them in a place that is filled with the Spirit and with love. I feel so blessed to know that the mundane things I do each day really do make a difference. My children need my example. They need to see me praying and reading my scriptures. I never want them to doubt that their mother knows the gospel is true, and hopefully, like the stripling warriors, they will forever remember my testimony, and not one will be lost.

Daughters in My Kingdom has taught me lessons about temple covenants, fulfilling my callings, visiting teaching, service, and much more. I am grateful for the lessons I am learning and hope to learn. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.