Testimony: The Legacy of Relief Society

by Rhonda Dover
While reading Daughters in My Kingdom, I am reminded of the how the Priesthood and Relief Society work together to strengthen my family. I have four beautiful daughters, and my counsel to them is to embrace Relief Society.

Every meeting I attend, whether it is on Sunday or a weekday, adds another drop of oil in my lamp and helps me to be a better person. The collective testimonies and talents of each Relief Society sister that I associate with strengthen me. Relief Society “encircles each sister like a protecting wall,” and I feel this protection in every meeting I attend.

Relief Society teaches me to be self-reliant, both spiritual and temporal, and teaches me that I am the “guardian of the hearth” and that I should make my home a “place of refuge away from the world where we feel comfortable and where, if others come, they, too, can feel comfortable.” This is the goal I strive for, and Relief Society teaches me how to accomplish it.

The lessons in Relief Society strengthen my testimony of Jesus Christ and teach me to recognize the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. “When I am filled with that Spirit, my soul is satisfied.” I love Relief Society and am thankful for the legacy that has been shared through the book Daughters in My Kingdom.