Testimony: He Loves His Daughters

by Amy Ferguson 
I first saw the book Daughters in My Kingdom in my mother’s home. I knew that a history of Relief Society was coming to all the sisters in the Church, but as I held the book in my hands for the first time I instantly felt the love of the First Presidency and of my Heavenly Father. The book is beautiful! I know it is a unique and priceless gift for me.

I love the photo collage found at the beginning of each chapter. I love how a list of visuals is given in the back of the book to explain each item that was carefully chosen for the collage. I was fascinated with the different tapestries and cloths that are found on each of these pages. I often pondered how my life is also a tapestry, woven and influenced by other women every day. I realized that my life is touched daily by my ward sisters, my dear neighbors, my sweet friends, my caring visiting teachers, and the loving women in my family.

I was particularly touched with the work, service, and devotion that Eliza R. Snow gave to establishing the Female Relief Society organization. I am in awe and amazement at all she was able to accomplish. In her I have found great strength and inspiration to be and do more. I have a deep love and admiration for her.

I have felt the Spirit of the Lord as I read through Daughters in My Kingdom. Every simple yet profound truth of sisterhood and womanhood can be found in its pages. I often thought of what an overwhelming task it must have been to select the quotes and scriptures that would be included in this book, and I therefore considered every word to be of the highest importance. I have read through the book once in its entirety but intend to do as my stake Relief Society president has encouraged us and re-read, study, and mark on its pages so that I may engrave its words in my heart.

I am thankful to my Father in Heaven who has once again shown me how much He loves His daughters.