Testimony: The Strength of a Worldwide Sisterhood

by Jodie Edgington 
I loved reading Daughters in My Kingdom! I took Renee Packer’s suggestion to read it with a pen in hand and allowed myself to mark up the pages by underlining words and stories that stood out to me. I also recorded my own comments and first impressions of what I read. I felt myself being validated as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a member of this church in every way that the world does not.

I truly felt the Spirit as I read, the same way I would as I read my scriptures. I felt a deeper sense of responsibility resting on me as I realized what being a member of this Relief Society means.

I related to the stories of unsung sisters who try to exhibit charity in their lives—those who do so in the background and who are not necessarily acknowledged by anyone other than the Lord. I thought of so many women who have blessed my own personal life, and of the quiet examples they have set as I’ve seen them serve others. I especially felt the power and strength we have as a worldwide sisterhood. I know that God loves the women of this Church and that He needs us to do our best for Him. We are daughters in His Kingdom!

I know that our Savior reverenced women. I know He felt our struggles and pain through His atonement for us. I know He loves us and wants us to remember Him! I know what a privilege it is to belong to the best women’s organization in the world—that it existed in the Church anciently. I am so grateful for the inspiration that brought us this book of Relief Society History. I will continue to read and learn from it.