My Very Own Sunshine

by Marci Low
Recently I have experienced many difficulties related to my health. Many of these have been ongoing for many years. After visits to many doctors I finally received a diagnosis that was extremely troubling to me--one that would drastically change many things in my life. While I felt grateful to have one piece in the big puzzle, as much time went on, I was feeling very discouraged and had been searching for more answers to some unresolved concerns without much success. I was starting to feel very alone and not very hopeful that I could ever get to the root of the problem.

It was the night before my birthday and I prayed for reassurance that Heavenly Father was truly aware of me. I also asked Heavenly Father for the sun to shine on my birthday since that was something we hadn’t had for a few weeks. It is also one of the things that brings my heart much joy. I felt that if He provided sunshine I would be reassured of His love for me.

 Well, the next morning was very grey and gloomy, with what looked like no hope that the clouds would disperse even as the day went on. In fact, they never did. I thought to myself, "Oh well, it was a silly request," but I decided to make the best of it anyway, even though it seemed like such a small petition to the Lord. Did He really know how important it was to me?

Well, later that day some very dear sisters whom I had the privilege serving with in the Relief Society Presidency came by to wish me a happy birthday. As a presidency it was tradition to bring fudge to every sister in the ward some time during the month of their birthday. More often than not, the day of the visit was not on their exact birthday. It really was amazing they came the very day of my birthday. They brought me a bright yellow helium balloon, some fudge, and some cute post-it notes. We enjoyed our visit and I felt grateful for their kindness, warm smiles and laughter.

After their departure, as I was finishing preparations for our family dinner, the realization struck me with such inexpressible force, to the point of tears, that they had brought me my very own sunshine and indeed Heavenly Father wanted me to know of His love for me. Of all the balloon colors they could have chosen to bring me it was yellow. Not only was it my favorite color, but the color of the sun, shining bright for me under my very own roof.

 I’m grateful for the Holy Ghost in helping me to recognize this truly was an answer to my prayer. I thank my Heavenly Father and am truly grateful that these dear sisters were led by His Spirit on my special day. I pray I will not doubt His love for me again!

This was a very special experience for these sisters as well as I have shared the significance of their visit to me. When discussing this experience with one of the sisters a while later, I asked her how she knew my favorite color was yellow, she said, “I didn’t, I have to give credit where credit was due. The woman who was filing the balloons asked what color I wanted and told her she could choose.” Was this a coincidence? I think not. There were so many other colors she could have chosen. It’s truly amazing how the Spirit was working miracles that day and through many people without their even knowing it.

The next year that followed I was given another yellow balloon on my birthday. As time has passed, I moved from my home in wonderful Cache Valley. As a going-away gift one dear sister gave me a Willow Tree figurine titled “Sunshine.” Many tears were shed as the realization hit that we would not be as closely associated in our new location.

 This precious angel is carrying what looks like a basketful of bright yellow sunflowers. This gift serves as a reminder of the day they brought me the sunshine. It also serves as a symbol to me of Heavenly Father's love for me, of friendship, of answers to prayer, and of following promptings of the Holy Ghost, and of a tender mercy that has strengthened my faith.