The Story Behind the Painting "Come to His Garden"

"Come to His Garden," copyright Colleen Cole, 2011. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.

Artist's Explanation for Oil Painting "Come to His Garden" by Colleen Cole
The Lord invites all to come unto Him. This painting depicts a path amidst a garden that leads to the Lord. Everyone is invited to walk this path. We find enjoyment on the path as our desires align with the Lord’s purposes and our behaviors demonstrate keeping His commandments. The garden is symbolic of women of God who are “tender, chaste, and delicate” and who radiate righteousness (see Jacob 2:7).

The young woman in this painting is dressed in everyday clothes, signifying our current condition in mortality. The Lord takes this woman to the mirror to see her reflection. He shows her a reflection of how he sees her—a sister He has known and loved from everlasting to everlasting. In front of them is a staircase—symbolic of more progress ahead and temple covenants. The Savior extends His divine love and helps us ascend the staircase to the presence of our Father in Heaven. The stairs are supported and made of rock, representing “the rock of our salvation.”

The garden is shaded, guarded and protected by trees, figurative of the strength and protection we receive from the priesthood. As we choose to walk the path in the Lord’s garden we will find true friendship, peace, and help on our journey toward eternal life.