"How Do You Know It's True?"

by Ami C.
I am most thankful in my life for attending Ricks College (BYU-Idaho). It was an experience that led to my own personal conversion.

I was living in California and had an LDS friend that wanted to go to Ricks College, so we decided to go together. I'm not sure how I found a non-member at Ricks, but we became friends, and it was this young man who asked me a simple question: "How do you know it's true?" 

I gave him the typical 18-year-old answer, "I just do." But as I reflected on his question, I started to question the Church's authenticity for myself. Did I really know it was true? My honest answer was, "No."

For the next several months I had special people that led me on a path to discover for myself if the Church was true. I had a caring bishop who gave me a priesthood blessing, I had a returned missionary friend who encouraged me to get a patriarchal blessing, and finally a Book of Mormon class that would eventually be the catalyst in sealing my testimony. 

It was studying for that class when I received an overwhelming feeling that the words that I was reading were true. The warm feeling was so pronounced that I started to cry. I knew then, just as I know now, that the Church is true and that the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ.