Testimony: My Modesty Wake-up Call

by Tami Halford
I wanted to say a big "thank you" to the stake for an amazing fireside for the women. I do have to admit I was surprised to hear that the issue/topic our leaders felt was the most important for us to address was MODESTY (our outward expression of our inward commitments to ourselves, our husband and our God).

What message are we trying to send by what we are wearing?

I was not aware this was a problem big enough to be the center of the meeting for every woman in our stake, but as I listened to the speakers and have pondered since, I realize that YES! They are right! I can be a lot better. I am always covered, but some things are too tight or fall too far forward in the front when I lean down or are too wide on top or pants that fall in the back when I sit down! My exercise clothing especially needed a HUGE overhaul! I was leaving very little to the imagination in some of these tops and bottoms!

I have to say I am THRILLED!!! I will no longer be tugging, pulling, or being uncomfortable at all in anything I wear! What a relief! Thanks again!