She Brought Me Dinner

by Allie Tate
I wanted to share an act of service that was provided to me which made me so thankful for good friends.

This summer my kitchen had to be torn up because of water damage. We spent a couple of weeks with annoyingly loud fans and filters running to dry things up. What looked like a simple fix-the-floor-and-some-sheet-rock project turned into a five-month restoration project! We had to rip out cabinets and our island. Our floors had to be torn out and refinished. Our refrigerator was moved to random places throughout the ordeal. We were without an oven and stove for several weeks, which proved to be challenging.

Needless to say, it was a pain!

There were some days where I had to remind myself that it was funny that the refrigerator was in the dining room and the couch and oven were in the garage and that we had to pay someone to move our brand new piano to another room. If I didn't then I would cry.

On one of those particularly challenging days, there was a sister in the ward who brought us dinner. It was the best dinner ever, not that it was anything particularly spectacular or gourmet (although it was yummy), but because it came when I needed it and I was so grateful that someone cared and saw a need.