Fresh Eggs and Lawn Mowing

by Lillian Redford
I have the most wonderful neighbors. Their service makes me happy, and it gives me the desire to do more things for others to make them happy too.

My neighbor across the street brings us fresh eggs each week and won’t take any money for them. Those fresh eggs gave my husband comforting thoughts as he spent his last days on earth.

Another family with five small children drove past my home, on their way somewhere else, and saw me out weeding my garden. They immediately stopped and took the time to help me complete my task.

Two other neighbors came over and mowed our lawn and offered to do it each week, but Jim told them he wanted to mow his lawn as long as he could, and he mowed almost to the end of his life. Mowing with his riding lawn mower was about the only thing he could do, and he enjoyed it.

Another kindness that was done was an unsigned note left on my door while I was away that simply said, “Just thinking about you today.”