I Realized How My Grandparents Blessed Me

by Nick Cluff
My grandparents on my Mom's side are named Tom and Betty Maule. My grandfather has passed away, but as a child, some of my fondest memories are of him and my grandma coming to visit.

My grandpa grew up in the Depression and belonged to a poor Italian family. He would sometimes tell us stories about how he hated getting "bowl cuts" and going hungry. Going without as a young person made him appreciate the simple things in life later when they were available to him.

One thing that to him was considered splurging was going out to get an ice cream cone. He never had the opportunity as a boy, and it made an impression on him. Each time he came to see us, we would go out and get ice cream together.

Soon after he passed away, we found a house for my grandma that was closer to my parents and moved her so we could be together and help her with daily needs. We have enjoyed having her at family functions and simply interacting with her on a frequent basis. We even decided to name our only daughter after her.

Recently, her health has declined, and she has fallen a few times. On one such occasion I received a call from her requesting that I take here to the doctor to check her ankle. She had just fallen, my parents were out of town, and she was in pain. I somewhat begrudgingly dropped my Saturday "to do" list on the table and drove her to the ER.

We sat in the ER and waited, and waited, and waited. We discussed her life, genealogy, and the missionaries who baptized her. She talked about how it took years for my grandpa to get baptized, but when he decided to do it, he quit smoking in one day. We talked about everything, and then because her memory is short, we talked about it again.

I realized that she has a great legacy: she accepted the gospel as a young mother and has done countless hours of genealogy and temple work. Her courage and dedication has blessed our family and countless others.

I began to realize and remember how much good this simple woman and her husband had done in their lives. My gratitude for her and my grandpa was full to the overflowing point as we left the hospital.