Dinner and a Testimony

As I contemplated how I could serve a close friend who had given birth prematurely and lost that infant son, I set up a day and time to deliver dinner to her and her family.

The day arrived to take dinner; I still hadn’t been able to come up with some other way to serve her. I delivered dinner, and as I stood in the kitchen, hugging and comforting my friend, I had an over-whelming feeling that I needed to share my testimony. I don’t do this often. But the prompting kept coming.

I finally gave in and bore my testimony of our Savior’s love for each of us, and that he is aware of our situation. If we will have faith, he will guide us through any situation. As I ended my testimony and looked at her, I could see the peace on her face. I was happy to have shared those things in a time of grief. I felt blessed for this opportunity.