It's Simple to Serve

A few people in our stake share their experiences here about the blessings of service.

by Kris Odekirk
Our family just did such a small task but each week we take the trash out to the curb for our elderly neighbor and I was amazed how EASY it was but how great I feel each time. It made me realize that service doesn't have to be a major task but simple and EASY.

by Courtney C.
Whenever I do something to help others, I feel warm and tingly. I can feel the Spirit and can see Jesus in heaven smiling at me.

by Danika R.
I feel really good when I do service for others.

by Melanie Stark
It makes me feel good to help people with things they may or may not be able to do for themselves. I know that we can get blessings from service.

by Abby Spencer
A few years ago my mom and I used to go visit my great-grandma every Tuesday. It was truly a blessing physically and spiritually getting to know her.

by Kari Richardson
I felt like I really helped my friend when she was in a bind. I also knew that she would help me anytime and it made our friendship stronger.

by Kallye Robinson
A couple of years ago my grandma got back surgery around Thanksgiving so I asked her if I could come help her set up all her china. It was fun to help my grandma with her back and keep her company.

by Sheryl Kartcher
Neighbors came to help our family lay grass in our yard. A huge help to us and it wasn't even asked for!

by Camille Frasure
A very young member of our ward came to our door and asked if he could help us with our flat tire. We were so grateful to have a neighbor who cared about us and was willing to do whatever he could to help. What a super young man. He is truly a good neighbor, and we have a new friend.