My Blessings of Service

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by Renee Packer
During this past year, I have been amazed at how the Spirit of the Lord has been with me in rich abundance, as I have been more active trying to serve others. I will quickly admit that my little keychain reminder that says, “Bee Mindful: Doing Good Daily,” has been a wonderful reminder to me throughout each day. In time, I noticed how it started to become more and more a part of my thoughts and a part of my heart.

As I try to serve more diligently and more often, to my husband, my family, my neighbors, and even strangers, I feel a sense of euphoria that I can’t explain, except that I know it’s the Holy Ghost blessing me with a sense of joy and peace as I seek to help and lift others. My service may have been a simple smile acknowledging someone’s presence, a word of praise, showing love or gratitude, or a surprise service. As I serve, I also am being served by a loving Father in Heaven with His love. The more I serve, the more of His love I feel, and the more I desire to continue to serve.

In the stake Relief Society, we have invited any who desire to write their thoughts of how they have been blessed by their giving or receiving even the smallest acts of service. I have found it quite interesting how hard it is for us to contemplate on the blessings of our serving others and share our feelings. I have found, though, that the blessings always far outweigh the act itself. It's a good thing to take note of how we are blessed when we open our hearts to others.

I love reading your stories, whether they are your stories of how you served or have been served, or the blessings that have come from giving or receiving. The Lord bestows His Spirit upon us in all circumstances. It causes a momentum that perpetuates good among others to do the same.

As we near our stake women’s conference for all young women and Relief Society sisters on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 (9:00 a.m.), I am overcome with gratitude for the things I have witnessed throughout this year that have been happening in the hearts of individuals and families.

Can you recognize the blessings you have received as you have served?
  • How has your family been blessed as they have been engaged in meaningful service and small acts of kindness, individually or collectively?
  • Have you witnessed hearts swell with happiness?
  • Have you seen less contention? 
  • Have you observed the spirit that is illuminated when service is given or received?
Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts for our stake Relief Society website, sending them to: I love how has a place to share your personal stories, experiences and such. This website is no different. We learn from each other, and we are blessed by your stories. There are sweet blessings that will come from your sharing.

Bless each of you dear young women and Relief Society sisters. You are gifted with a special calling to serve, to lift others along your way. I pray that this divine calling of yours continues in magnificent ways throughout this coming year and always. Thank you for all you do. You are a blessing to the Lord, as you truly are His Hands!