Service Softens Hearts

Here are two little stories of service from members of our stake.

by Jennifer Hughes
Inspired by an article in the New Era about a young man who did acts of kindness with some unexpected money, we wanted to give our kids the same kind of opportunity to feel the Spirit through small and simple acts of kindness. We gave them each a little cash and then watched as they each came up with wonderful, unique ways of serving. They did everything from buying a candy bar for the bagger, mailing money to an animal rescue, leaving quarters in vending machines for kids to find, to leaving treats anonymously. It was a joy to see them feel the Spirit as they felt the pure love of Christ through serving!

*by Angie Oliphant
I learned that doing service for others softens our hearts and also the hearts of those we serve.

We can develop a love for others when we serve them, even if they don't love us.

A blessing my family and I have received from service is peace and happiness in knowing that we are trying to keep Heavenly Father's commandment to "love thy neighbor as thyself."