The Christmas We Will Always Remember

by Jessica Barber
A few years ago, when my oldest was a baby, we decided to donate what we would have spent on Christmas to another family. I put an ad online searching for someone to help. A teacher in another county contacted me with a very compelling story about a family that attended her school, and I knew that was the one. We got a list of their wants and needs and went shopping. The day we showed up to the school with bags of items for that sweet family is one I will never forget. With tears in their eyes, the teachers took us to the lounge where we all wrapped together. What a great opportunity to help someone else.

On Christmas morning, we unwrapped wonderful gifts under our own tree. They represented the blessings in our lives. One was the scriptures. Another was a picture of our beautiful home, healthy family, a free country, and a few others. I vaguely remember the gifts I got even just last Christmas, but that year is one we will always remember.