Our Ward Cares for Our Family

by Justin and Sandy
We are so grateful for all of the good people in the ward. We have received many blessings of service as a family this past year.

As Mckinzie was preparing for her mission, the ward members were so encouraging to her. I am so grateful to all of those who gave her and our family encouragement in so many ways. I am also so grateful to those who prepared letters to her for Christmas. I know this will make a huge difference for her this year. She was so appreciative of all of your support as she was leaving and it made her start on her mission that much greater.

We have also received many blessings from our visiting teachers, home teachers, and elders quorum. What wonderful friends they are, from giving us potatoes that they grew, to our favorite bread, or just personal invitations to activities. They are always thinking of us and we really appreciate that.

We are so grateful that we live in a ward that is always thinking of others as Christ did.