It Makes Me a Better Person

by Tammy Foote
I was able to serve an elderly sister in my ward on a regular basis. It was a blessing for me to slow down and take time out of my week to help her. I was sad when she no longer needed my help. Service makes me feel happy, and it makes me recognize that I am needed. It made me a better person and more aware of others and their needs.

by Ann Layton
Sister Carol Ann Flint has, for years, provided a service for many of us by arranging for flowers, a
book, etc., when one of our friends or neighbors passes away.

by Lydia J.
My family watched my grandma's dogs while she was in Wyoming. I loves it because her dogs are so loving and cute. It made me feel happy inside.

by Tabitha M.
Whenever I do service it makes me feel warm. It helps me know that I am doing the right thing and am on the right path. It also can teach me new things so I can learn and teach others.

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