Small and Simple Things

by Tara Cannon
Several years ago, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law suffered a miscarriage about halfway through the pregnancy. We took dinner to their family a time or two. I didn't realize what that might have meant to them, my sister-in-law especially, until I had a miscarriage myself a few years later. When I had other people acknowledge my own trial, it helped lift me up above my pain and grief.

When we went to the bishops' storehouse to help, I felt really happy.

by Nolan J.
We went over to Sister C.'s house and cleaned up her yard. It made me feel really good inside.

We went to the bishops' storehouse and boxed food for people across the world.

by Savanna N.
Helping a teacher with a student who has a different learning disability made me feel really good and special to know that I can help others.

by Martha Taylor
As a family we raked up leaves for an older neighbor unable to do it herself. I felt good and productive as I cleared her grass, sidewalk and gutter of rotting leaves. The smile of gratitude on her face showed me the happiness she had because we helped her. I loved doing this service as a family, also, because it made us feel close to one another. Playing in the leaves was also fun once our work was finished.

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