Serving Was Better Than Christmas Gifts

by Chloe and Izabelle
Last year for Christmas, my mom's side of the family all decided to do service instead of presents. Every family was given $100 or so on Thanksgiving so we would have a month to serve people. My family found a family--a mom, dad, and two little girls. The dad in the family had cancer, and it was spreading throughout his body. He lost his leg because of it. Their medical bills were huge, and they could barely afford groceries. We gave them a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart so they could get groceries or presents or whatever they needed. It was amazing to know we helped those two little girls have Christmas and food. It was the best feeling in the world, a lot better than receiving a present.

With having young children, we have been able to serve by visiting the elderly. It has blessed us by teaching my children about service and that it makes us feel good by doing good for others.

by N.F.
Helping my daughter on her birthday: she works full time to help the family income. She has three children ages 5 to 15. My husband and I took dinner and treats. The kitchen needed cleaning. She did not have to do it when she got home later. It felt good to give her something she really needed. The relief on her face to have a clean kitchen and family room was so worth it. We were also able to help teach the kids about service to their mother.

I felt good inside when I get along with my friends.

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