Missionary Work and Family History Are the Same

(by a missionary from our stake)
I was reading in the scriptures the other day. I came across Alma 5:6, which talks about remembering our ancestors. I don't remember if I thought of this before, but it's important to share.

There is no boundary between missionary work and family history: they are both the same glorious work. Getting to know my ancestors and how God has taken part in their lives strengthens my testimony in the gospel.

Genealogy is essentially the work of when one was born and when he/she died. Family history happens in the "dash" between those numbers. Those people had just as many unique experiences as I've had in my life, if not more.

I wish I had thought about that more before my mission and spent time getting to know my ancestral family, as I know this pursuit opens yourself up to a greater abundance of the Spirit.

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