The Smile That Was Glued to My Face

photos of Ogden Temple cultural celebration by Paul Steiner
by Corrine Turner
This year I had the opportunity to be part of the Ogden Temple cultural celebration. It unified us as young women in my ward and youth in the stake. As we went through the dress rehearsal the day of the celebration, it was a bit of a mess and needed help. I was part of the temple picture flip at the end and had gone to the practice but had no idea what to do. They had explained it well, but after we practiced it was better.

During the rest of the rehearsal, especially when we had to fix numbers, I was worried and wondered how it would all come together. Miraculously it did, and it was amazing! At the end the Spirit was the strongest and most unified I have ever felt. Everyone was unified and genuinely excited and in anticipation of this temple. I was more excited for it than I ever had been previously.

During the rehearsal a priesthood leader came in and pronounced a blessing on all of us. We were blessed that we should remember forever how we felt at that time. I do remember! I wrote about it in my journal, and every time someone brings this experience up in conversation I get that feeling. My seminary teacher sometimes plays these songs, and that feeling of joy and happiness returns, and that smile that was glued to my face comes back again.


by Sara Jones
This past year I have been able to be a part of the Ogden Temple cultural celebration. This strengthened my testimony of the temple so much, and I am so grateful that I could be a part of that.


by Jessica Wood
I went to the temple with family names that I had found myself. I could feel the difference. My family from Texas came to visit and we all got to do the temple work together. I loved going with my family--my grandma just had such a proud look on her face!


by C. R.
When I went to the temple I felt like nothing mattered except for all of the important things. I did feel the Holy Ghost like I never have before. I know that all of my family that has passed was there with me. I felt clean just like I did right after my baptism. Since I am a holy woman I will do all that I need to in order to make it back to heaven.


Being able to participate in the Ogden Temple cultural celebration, "Shine the Light," was so amazing. All of the kids that were there were so involved. It was amazing to be in the building with such a strong Spirit, and I will forever remember that experience.


by Sydney Peterson
I felt really good participating in the Ogden Temple cultural celebration. It was such a cool experience to be able to perform in front of apostles. It was so neat to see so many youth sharing their testimonies through song and dance. The Spirit was so strong there, and I learned so much.

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