Visiting Teaching: Bringing Unity

Some women in the stake were asked: How has your life been touched by visiting teaching or a visiting teacher? Over the next few weeks we'll feature their responses.

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My visiting teachers have made me feel loved. I haven’t felt like I “needed” service, but the service they gave me was their love.
Visiting teaching helps me get to know the sisters in the ward better than I would otherwise. It brings unity to a ward.
One of my first visiting teachers in this ward became one of my best friends. She helped make me feel so welcome in the ward, and as I was new, it had a huge impact on me.
Several years ago I was assigned to visit a sister who was not active and whose lifestyle was very different from mine. I assumed she would not want to be visited and that we’d just be dropping something off each month. She actually welcomed our visits and we became close friends. Soon we started walking a couple times a week early in the mornings. She was wonderful to listen to my problems and not judge but just offer support.

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