Relief for Refugees: This Is Who We Are

In the recent general and women's conferences we heard heartfelt calls from church leaders, asking us to prayerfully seek ways to offer relief to the many refugees who are suffering around the world. Click to view the new website which has been launched as guidance:

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From the General Auxiliary Presidencies:
"What can our role as women be in the last days to prepare the earth for the coming of Christ? What can we do to reach out, to love, to nurture, and to minister as He has invited us to do? We each have the invitation as women and young women to open our eyes and our hearts to see those among us who may feel alone, afraid, or uncertain so that we are no longer strangers (see Matthew 25:35–36; Ephesians 2:19).

"With our divine nature as women, we can be a light in a darkening world. We can give hope, love, and care to those around us. We are not asked to 'run faster than [we have] strength.' Although we can work together, we are not asked to organize large efforts. Instead we are each asked to seek personal revelation about whom the Lord would have us strengthen and love as individuals and as families. The Savior invites us to participate in a personal ministry of love and to remember His words: 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these . . . , ye have done it unto me.'"

"This is not a program; it is who we are."

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