The Covenant Path Is the Way

We truly rejoiced in our covenants yesterday during our stake women’s conference. The entire experience was a testament of our Savior’s love for each sister in our stake; our very souls were lifted. Our covenants truly are an expression of God’s love for us. It was a beautiful and good day!

The final testimony in each breakout was shared by a Laurel inviting the Relief Society sisters and Laurels of the Layton South Stake to participate in a 21-Day Sacrifice Challenge. The Laurels speaking each participated in the challenge leading up to and completing it on women's conference day.

Oh, these incredible Laurels! They are busy and bright, and they did it! Their testimonies were amazing!

President Nelson recently extended an invitation to our youth to join the Youth Battalion. Just as the army of Helaman had an army of women behind them, so must our youth. They need us women to offer our best to them to help build the kingdom of God on this earth.

As we are living in the last days, we each need an increase of God’s power in our lives to fulfill our earthly missions. The Lord will do His work and will help us do our part. The covenant path is the way.

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