21-Day Sacrifice Challenge

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 In 2015, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson gave a BYU Women’s Conference address titled “…My Soul Delighteth in the Covenants of the Lord” (2 Nephi 11:5). She shared that she received a cry for help from a friend who did not know what to say to a Relief Society group of sisters she would be speaking to because they were greatly stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, and even some feeling without purpose.

She was inspired to respond, “As counterintuitive as this may seem, I felt compelled, in a way I could not deny, to encourage [this sister] to offer a 21-day experiment to her Relief Society sisters. So I emailed back, 'Invite the sisters to make a sacrifice of time to the Lord by increasing their time in family history and in temple work for the next 21 days.'”

The experiment worked! She reports, “[Although] they were in distress, they focused on their covenant of sacrifice, they let that covenant be 'paramount,' and they were exactly obedient. And what happened? Their distress fell away!”

God’s love for us is real. He desires us to turn to Him so we may have joy. Through her entire BYU Women's Conference address, Sister Nelson bears a strong and insightful testimony of covenants. The privilege, the perspective offered, and the power of these beautiful exchanges of love between God and us are thrilling.

We are extending the same 21-Day Sacrifice Challenge to you, the Relief Society sisters and Laurels of our stake. We desire each of you to continue to be lifted and to feel joy! If you were to start TODAY, your 21 days would be complete on February 16th.

Please read or listen to the address by Sister Nelson. She will inspire you.
Click here to read the talk transcript.
Click here to see a video of the talk.
Your distress can and will fall away! Let’s go forward and rejoice on the covenant path.

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