2019 Women's Conference Breakout Sessions

We were so inspired at our recent women's conference by our wonderful guest speaker Sister Reeves and by our other speakers as well.

There were five speakers in each breakout room. The first four spoke on a part of our scripture theme of D&C 90:24. The fifth was a Laurel bearing testimony of and inviting Relief Society sisters and Laurels to participate in the 21-Day Sacrifice Challenge.

Enjoy the videos of these breakout room talks!

Tiffany Smith, Stone Creek Ward
"Seek Christ Diligently"

Janelle LaFontaine, Weaver Lane Ward

Heather Hughes, Swan Lakes Ward
"Be Believing, Doubt Your Doubts"

Lynnae Bitter, Evergreen Ward

Brynn Meredith (a Laurel), Roberts Farms Ward
"21-Day Sacrifice Challenge"

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