I Choose to Believe Because it Brings Me Pure Joy and Hope

I would not have believed I would see a day where the whole world would be in quarantine. But here we are. It brings my thoughts to Job in the Old Testament. He lost everything and had sicknesses that brought him near death and everything unimaginable happen to him. But he was faithful to the Lord regardless of what happened to him. I believe this time is one that can push us to our potential. We can become stronger, turn to Christ, and become more like him.

I have seen such blessings in disguise during this time! I love the time with my family. We have grown closer as a family. We truly love “Come Follow Me” because we are able to continue to learn and become like Christ even though we aren’t at church. We read and discuss a little every day. The program is so inspired and I testify it is from the Lord. He has prepared us to be strong despite the things going on in the world.

Our house is filled with laughter from playing and building forts. I have been enjoying playing games with my boys, pushing my little Hank on the swings in the backyard, reading with my boys, and cuddling while we watch a movie. Going for a hike or walk or run with my family is more enjoyable than ever! A blessing in disguise for sure - to have TIME for more wholesome recreational activities as a family.

I don’t feel sad or depressed about the situation because of my conviction in Jesus Christ, in the Book of Mormon, and in ministering. I talk to sisters in my ward daily. Whenever I do, I feel the Spirit. And I know that we need each other - ministering is miraculous! When I had a day that I felt down, the kindness of friends and sisters through texting lifted my spirit.

I have been re-memorizing The Living Christ. The words are beautiful! And I feel the love of Christ every time I say it.

I choose to believe because it brings me pure joy and hope! ❤️

~Michelle Pyper

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