Heavenly Father has Prepared Us for This Time

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As I contemplate the past few months I realize how much I have taken for granted. Church attendance, travel, steady ground, jobs/financial security, gathering with friends and family, shopping and buying what we need when we need it, going to a hair salon... just to name a few. I'm happy for things slowly getting back to normal, and was very grateful to have been able to attend church today for the first time in months. My prayers continue for things to get better with this sickness that our world is facing, along with other problems that seem to divide people.

I choose to believe and have faith that our Heavenly Father has prepared us for this time and it plays some part in his plan for us that we can't always comprehend (Mosiah 4:9), and that we should take heed of the counsel of the prophet and apostles. This can also stress me out a bit; especially when things don't go as WE plan... but prayer and my testimony of our Savior also calms me and gives me hope. I know He lives and is there for us always.

~Lorna Gillespie

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