Christ has Carried My Burdens for Me

Dear Friends,

I’m honored to add my testimony to the many that have been shared about why I choose to believe.
I choose to believe in my Savior Jesus Christ because He never lets me down. He has saved me many times through the small and little trials of my life. He has especially been there through the tough days of infertility, divorce, miscarriage, sickness, heartbreak and disappointment. He has carried my burdens for me, made my trials feel light and brought joy when there should have been sorrow. I know He is real. I know He sends His holy angels to administer to me in times of need. I know there is power in His holy priesthood because I feel it help me and change me as I choose to serve Him. I know that the Savior is coming again and I strive to be worthy to live in His presence. I know that I will continue to receive His help and guidance if I seek it as I journey through these last days of trial that we are all going though together. God is Good. Jesus Saves. If we are prepared, we shall not fear.

~Mary Bishop

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