In Uncertainty and Chaos, Choose to Lean on What You Do Know

Why do I choose to believe? Because my Heavenly Father knows me: my name, my insecurities, my history, my mistakes, my dreams, and my potential. He provides trials opportunities that make me grow, and blessings that I don’t deserve. The more I study the scriptures and the gospel, the more sense it makes to my spirit. Obviously, not everything makes sense to my mind, especially during these times when injustices are exposed, and chaos is all around us. 2020 as a whole isn’t making sense! But when I reflect on what I do know – that priesthood power is real, that the Holy Ghost is quiet, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have patience when the world around me doesn’t, I choose Them. I choose the peace They bring. I choose the comfort They provide. I choose Their Plan of Happiness and Their Good News. I choose to look to the leaders They have selected, and I sustain, human though they are. We are all in this perfect testing ground – and what a test it is! I love my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, and I know they love me. I’ve felt their love in the quiet times, and that love sustains me in the chaotic times.

~Maren Lythgoe

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  1. So very well written - truly a testimony from the heart! Thank you for sharing!


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