Heavenly Father (and His Angels) are Watching Over Us

A year ago last spring I was unloading a few groceries from my car. I was in the last month of pregnancy and my mother had come to help me that day. As I unloaded the bags she unbuckled my 22-month old son and then came to get a load. After putting the bags on the table I looked up to see my mother with her load of bags, but no Maxwell. I quickly moved to the front door calling his name. As I came to the door I caught a glimpse of him running down the driveway towards the busy street. Adrenalin kicked in and I sprinted with my 8-month pregnant belly towards him. I flew down the steps, across the patio and down some more steps. He had taken the longer route around our van. I took the shorter route in hopes that I would catch him before he came to the street. Just as he came into my view I tripped on some uneven grass, smashed my knee into the ground and went skidding on my belly head first from the grass to the driveway. My first reaction was to hop up and catch my son, but as I tried to do this my body wouldn’t do what I was telling it to do. I couldn’t move. Panic struck and I began to sob as I laid there watching my son running at top speed right for the street where many cars were passing by. I was completely helpless and in a lot of pain. I thought to myself, “I’ve just killed my unborn child and now I’m going to watch my little boy get hit by a car and die!” I watched my little Maxwell through my tears dreading what I was about to witness, then suddenly a miraculous thing happened. He had been headed directly for the street, but once he came to the sidewalk he immediately turned and continued running. A huge wave of relief and gratitude passed over me. My mom helped me up, then caught Max. She helped me hobble inside. I couldn’t stop crying for a long time. Finally I was able to compose myself enough to call my doctor and ask what I should do.

Later on while I was alone laying in a hospital bed connected to the monitoring equipment I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. Why did Max stop and turn down the sidewalk instead of continuing his path into the street? I pondered that question for a while and then an answer came that filled me with the spirit. Either Max at 22 months of age knew better than to run out into the street or God had placed angels there to guard the way. As I remembered how Max turned and changed his course it was as though there was someone there blocking the way. I believe angels were there that day guarding the street and protecting him from danger. I don’t think Max was mature enough to know how dangerous the street was. I am full of gratitude to God for protecting my son. I am also grateful for that experience. Every time I reflect on it I feel the spirit testify to me personally that Heavenly Father cares about me, He loves me, and He will protect me and my family. Choosing to believe this brings me great joy, peace, and relief.
When I choose to believe I feel the Holy Spirit bearing witness of truth. Choosing faith takes courage and it brings the best blessings. Lately I find myself asking this question when a choice arises: “Am I choosing to believe?”

Every time I remember this question before I react I am happy with my response. When I don’t remember this question it’s easy for me to lose control of myself or say something I regret. I’m grateful for the theme “choose to believe” and the strength and courage it gives me. Remembering these words helps me retain my agency and stay in control of myself. It helps me be who I truly want to be and act for myself instead of allowing other people or situations to control me and to be acted upon.
The world is in commotion. All of the difficulties we are facing as a nation aren’t going to go away. They aren’t going to get better on their own. They may even continue to escalate. I believe God is giving us an opportunity to step up and dig in. I believe now more than ever is a time for us to choose to believe, to be an example of the believers, and to do something about it. We can ask God what he needs us to do and then do it. I love our Heavenly Father and His plan! We can trust Him!

~Jen Doll

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