I Choose to Believe in the Power of the Priesthood

I especially choose to believe in a time like this! 2020 has been a year like no other. I know that each one of us could share with one another, the sorrows and challenges, as well as the joys and blessings we have had and felt! From sickness, financial loss, difficult family dynamics, death of loved ones to blessings of worshiping in our homes and being together as families and feeling the love of our Savior in the midst of it all.

I’m a nurse and work in a newborn intensive care unit. Yesterday, as I was working, a father asked if we could find an LDS elder to help give his baby a blessing. A call was made over head by the hospital operator and shortly after, one of our physicians came to assist with the blessing. The curtain was pulled quietly, as both men stepped up to the bed where this sweet baby boy laid. I have seen and heard many blessings given throughout the years I have worked as a nurse. This one was different. The doctor who anointed has a distinct, strong voice. As I sat at my computer and listened to his voice, I was overwhelmed with the spirit and brought to tears. I knew at that moment, God our Father was listening to the words of that blessing. By the power of Christ’s name, the blessing of anointing and healing was being given by two worthy priesthood holders. One of which was the father of this baby boy and felt the faith of both men so strongly.
In spite of what is happening in our world today, I choose to believe in the power of the priesthood. The love our Heavenly Father and his Son have for us, will help us overcome any pain or sorrow, as well as feel joy and happiness during these challenging times.
May each one of you sisters be blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I say these things in His name, amen.

~Jessica Steele

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