I KNOW How This Story Ends...

Nine years ago, I got a phone call early in the morning from my brother that rocked my world. He told me we lost my baby brother in a car accident. My dad was living with us at the time, and telling him he'd just lost his son was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. It was unexpected and devastating. So many things surrounding that event left us with broken hearts, and unanswered questions, even to this day. But there were miracles too.

The days and months following the accident I remember feeling comforted and lifted up beyond anything this earthly world could offer. I remember that even through the pain and heartache, there were tender mercies and peace. One of the tender mercies I believe I received, was a greater perspective on the Plan of Salvation. It was like my eyes were opened to better understand the scale of eternity, and how this life really is but a "moment" in the grand spectrum. I realize our Father in Heaven has a plan for each of us. It's so individual and intricate, every detail is known by Him. There's no experience, good or bad, he doesn't know about or want to be with us through.
The greatest gift of all, is my strengthened relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have felt Him by my side, bringing comfort and peace, even through the hard times. Right now, in this uncertain world with chaos all around, I'm grateful for this broadened perspective that I have such a strong testimony about, because I KNOW how this story ends. We just have to keep choosing to believe, every single day, no matter what happens. This life is a wonderful, crazy, beautiful, faith testing roller coaster, and the true test, is holding on until the very end of the ride.
I'm grateful for the Plan of Happiness, and that it's a light in this dark world. I choose to believe, again and again, because I've never been happier than when I can feel my Savior near me. I imagine Him, returning to the earth in all his glory, with choirs of angels, and the majesty of that moment, awaited and foretold for thousands of years!! And THAT is worth all the trials and sacrifices this life can bring.

~Jessica Barber

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