In "Simplifying" I Hear Him

Every year for New Years I pick one word that I want to focus on for the upcoming year. My husband teases me and tells me not to pick such good words because without fail the Lord teaches me (and my family) lessons on the word that I have chosen. Usually they are hard lessons, but worth it. This year I picked the word 'Simplify'. Now some might think that 2020 has been anything but simple, but 2020 has taught me what's truly important and what can be weeded out. My husband got furloughed before Christmas and was furloughed for 7 months. With my husband being home, the soft closure of the schools, the 'stay at home' order, and having a high risk child, needless to say we have spent a lot of time together this year. It's been wonderfully trying! We didn't have any of the usual busy/normal life stuff to fill our time. We had each other. We laughed, cried, fought, played, prayed, and learned. I took this time to refocus on the Savior and follow the prophets council to "Hear Him". 2020 has been noisy. Things are constantly changing. But there is one thing that has remained the same and always will... the love of our Savior. It's simple. I choose to follow Him because he is constant. When I get caught up in the noise of the world and social media, I refocus on the Savior and I instantly feel His peace. He does not take away the problem, but he strengthens me to be able to take another step. It has not been an easy year for any of us. I have been so grateful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to 'simplify' so I can 'hear Him' more clearly. Next year I hope I can learn the lessons of my word more quickly so we don't have to shut the world down with another pandemic!

~Brittney Patane

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