Choosing Light Over Darkness Makes All the Difference

I choose to believe because I know what it is like to choose otherwise and I have learned how quickly the light of Christ can leave you and darkness can start to creep in. I somehow thought that certain things would hurt less if I chose to believe that the Gospel was not essential to happiness. Shockingly (haha), it didn’t work and I found myself struggling with anxiety and depression even more than usual. I distanced myself from those around me and felt overwhelmed. I knew what I needed but it wasn’t easy. I was embarrassed and ashamed and had to humble myself. It didn’t take long to feel the light start to come back and heal my soul. The trials we all go through, quite frankly can stink but I can testify that the difference between choosing to walk them alone or with our Savior by our side, is literally choosing light over darkness. In the end, I realize my Savior was always there just waiting for me to let him back in.

I often feel a little envious when I hear others testimonies of how they have never wavered but I have actually become grateful for my experiences, they are what makes me who I am today. I have a simple testimony and I am not eloquent with my words but I have come to realize that I am enough. Whether we don’t feel worthy or maybe just can’t find the energy to muster the strength to get on our knees, it’s OK! He is there waiting patiently with unconditional love. HOPE is all we need and CHOOSING to believe is the first step. It is never too late! Our Savior will never leave our side and I am so grateful for that knowledge.

~Shelly Franklin

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