Making Time to Hear Him

Why do I believe? Nothing is sure in life except the love of our Savior and the Gospel. As the world is in total chaos right now, I am so grateful to know something that is true and that I can believe in. My sister told me of a challenge her husband gave to her. When she is in the car alone, not to turn on the radio. Let there be silence so she could “hear”. I loved that challenge and try to do it myself. It is a time where I can just focus on what the Savior wants me to do, a time where I can just hear Him. I am thankful for that time alone to listen. It brings me peace. I am with people daily that don’t have the same belief as me but hope by my example they can see what the Gospel brings into my life. Awhile back a co-worker of mine asked me if I would pray with her. She is not a religious person but knew that I was and hoped that I could help her. There we were in the back room of my business and I offered up a prayer with her as she was going to the doctor that day and was worried. Heavenly Father blessed her life that day. Our Prophet also helps me to stay believing. He brings such hope and love when he speaks to us. I am a little anxious about his comment that “We need to buckle up”, but know that if I am doing all I can, I will be blessed. I don’t know what is coming down the road, but I am just leaning on the scriptures, family, the words of the prophet, and the Holy Ghost that will get me through “still believing”.

~Jamie Hancey

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