Christ Provides Me with Peace, Comfort and Capacity

When I pause to count my blessings, or when there are events in my life that turn me toward Heavenly Father for strength, comfort, and peace, He is always there for me. These experiences strengthen my faith in Him, and it is what helps me continue to trust and have faith in Him. He provides me with peace and comfort and the capacity to do the work He has sent me to do. He hears and answers my prayers; not always in the way I hope or expect, but in a way that is best for me and my family. This is why I choose to believe. I’m grateful to know our Heavenly Father lives and loves each of us. I am grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, who atoned for our sins. I am grateful to know They are aware of us and our needs and continue to bless and guide us today.

~Camie Gonzalez

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