For Me it is Worth the Wrestle

In the past few years as family and close friends have chosen a path away from the church, I have had to really try and answer the question of why I keep choosing to believe. Sometimes it seems easier to move to a different path. But for me, it is worth the wrestle to find answers for myself on topics that feel heavy, and questions that come up that can really shake my faith, because I know that Jesus is the Savior. I also know that he has loving parents who allowed that sacrifice to happen for all of us to return to live with them again. The peace I feel from my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when I pray, read scriptures and talks, have uplifting conversations and attend church is undeniable, especially in this time when so much is uncertain. For me, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offers stability, guidance, community, love and a way back home, so I work and choose to believe.

~Kelsey Gill

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