I Know I Have Never Been Forgotten

It has taken me months to write this testimony about why I choose to believe. (Sorry Tiffany).

I am not sure why I haven’t been able to sit down and write. Maybe I was being stubborn and didn’t want to recognize the good things in my life.
Dang! Life is hard. Life is heartbreaking. Life is unfair. I find myself asking, “When are we going to catch a break? I can’t handle one more thing. No one understands? Why do my family and friends have to suffer so much? Why aren’t my prayers being answered? Why do I have such big trials in my life? Have I been forgotten?”
I know that I have never been forgotten. You have never been forgotten. I truly do have a testimony of my Savior and know the He is aware of me. He is the only one that truly understands everything that I am feeling and the struggles that I am going through or have gone through. He knows. He has felt my pain, my discouragement and my heartache. He knows my weaknesses and mistakes and still loves me unconditionally.
I choose to believe because I would be lost without Him. I would be lost without the knowledge that this life is but a small moment. I choose to believe because I know that our Heavenly Father and our Savior will make all things right in the eternities. Our tears will be wiped away and our joy will be immeasurable.
Heavenly Father knows us, and he knows our hearts and he knows that we are doing our best. He will never give up on us. I have felt His love for me. When life is hard, and discouragement sets in, and we question God, remember His love, remember that no matter where we are, He will be there.

Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your testimonies with me and loving and serving and praying for me and for each other. You are enough.
Love, Your Sister in the Gospel

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