I am Learning to Trust an UnKnown Future to a Known God

In the last 3 years we have been through several difficult challenges, including a high risk pregnancy and premature baby, learning a daughter has profound hearing loss in one ear and discovering a son has a rare and severe form of anxiety called Selective Mutism. These diagnoses have resulted in multiple doctor visits, therapy sessions, calling an untold number of people I don’t know, sleepless nights, tearful incapacitating moments and more meetings with the school than I would care to have.

By nature, I am introvert and this has pushed my boundaries, opened my heart and mind to possibilities, stretched my wings and built a hope inside me. I know God has not left my side, nor those of my family. He is walking side by side with us through this. There have been countless instances when He has guided my steps, shown me miracles, and put words in my mind and mouth (and occasionally even calmed my temper).

My hope is that, despite not seeing results in the way we wanted or seeing progress as fast as we might like, we are being led down the path needed for us. My faith is growing stronger and I am learning to trust an unknown future to a known God. The movement forward may be small and the way may be difficult, but in the end we are becoming better for it. I once heard the quote, “Faith and fear both require you to believe in something you cannot see. Why not choose faith?” I am choosing faith. I am choosing to believe.

~Deanna Holmes

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